Science & Mer Paris is joining the #UPBEAUTY2019 adventure!

We are glad to announce that Science & Mer Paris is joining the #UPBEAUTY2019 adventure with their sea-based skincare products!

Laboratoire Sciences et Mer was founded in Finistère in 1986. They specialized in the supply of marine cosmetics for thalassotherapy centers, spas and well-being centers and in the creation of prestigious brands. More than 350 formulas have been developed.

Christine Bodeau, Ph.D. in biochemistry and biotechnology engineer, founder of the company, focused her research on algae and their biological behavior, convinced of the extraordinary power of these marine plants on the skin and the body. An extensive research programme was then initiated. Collaboration with the faculties of medicine and pharmacy allowed her to develop her expertise in the selection of the most promising marine plants and minerals, then on the extraction of active ingredients able to restore balance and beauty to the skin.

In 2006, Laboratoire Sciences et Mer launched its own marine cosmetics brand for the pharmacy market: Science & Mer. An exclusive partnership was developed with the IUEM (European University Institute of the Sea) and the LEBHAM (Laboratory of ecophysiology and biotechnology of halophytes and marine algae), located in Brest, which identified new marine active ingredients through more than 800 species of algae. From this collaboration, a patented anti-aging marine active ingredient, Isopeptinoside®, was created whose composition is close to that of amniotic fluid. This patent received the Inpi innovation award in November 2006.

The expertise of the brand revolves around three areas:

  • a science, biotechnology
  • an origin, the ocean
  • an attitude, pleasure

Through its treatment programmes, Science & Mer develops products that efficiently and safely fulfill all the needs of the skin. From cleansing to anti-aging treatments, from hydration to anti-spot treatments, from slimming and tonicity action to vitality and protection, Science & Mer focuses its biotechnological expertise and its naturalness on women to allow them to regain their original beauty.