Part of the Transition: UP Food

Every week we will present new brands taking part in the UP-transition and joining us at the Carrousel du Louvre this June. This week we are presenting three exciting brands in the Food category: Cicioni, Artisan Vegane & Gold & Green Foods!

Cicioni – Mmmmm cheesy! 

Cicioni is a blend of almonds and cashew nuts which undergo a careful fermentation process. It is an extraordinary product because it is made exclusively of nuts. The main purpose of fermentation is to convert sugars and other carbohydrates into preservative organic acids. For example, fruit juices are converted into wine, cereals into beer and carbohydrates into carbon dioxide to leaven bread.
Fermentation allows us to preserve substantial amounts of food through lactic acid, alcohol, acetic acid, and alkaline fermentation. During the process, toxic substances are also eliminated, while the food substrates are biologically enriched with proteins, essential amino acids, and vitamins.
Using fermented food is a healthy way of enriching our diet and introducing new flavors, aromas, and textures into what we eat.


Cicioni is a blend of almonds and cashew nuts
The perfect picnic snack!

Every day more than 1,600 people change their eating habits. That’s 584,000 a year*


Artisan Vegane

From one of life’s great pleasure to another, Artisan Vegane produces a vegan nut spread made of hazelnuts, almonds, and cashews. Artisan Vegane is a French brand located in Paris. When producing their veganuts spread, the company followed these three key points:

Certified “Végane” by the label V of the European Vegetarian Union, the Artisan Vegane spread does not contain milk or any other product of animal origin.

100% of its ingredients come from organic farming; Veganuts is certified “AB” by the French certification body Certipaq.

The recipe exclusively uses noble and natural ingredients. No preservatives, no flavor enhancers, no emulsifiers.

The perfect snack-pleasure


Gold & Green Foods

With Pulled Oats having so many good qualities, “the perfect protein” is the best way to sum it up. Of course, we could say “the plant-based protein that has minimal impact on the environment, is locally produced, contains fibers and minerals and more protein than chicken, including all essential amino acids, but doesn’t have a trace of additives or animals in it, and upon all that tastes delicious”.

This is what Gold & Green is all about.

Pulled oats, pan-fried patties, hamburgers, and oatballs. Not only are Green & Gold revolutionary in how they present your dinner classics, but they are also revolutionary how you eat your oats!

We are happy to welcome them to UP Food this June at The Carrousel du Louvre!

Is this a feast or what?


Oatballs by Green & Gold


Join us!