Part of the Transition: UP Drinks

Every week we will present new brands taking part in the UP-transition and joining us at the Carrousel du Louvre this June. This week we are presenting three exciting brands in the Drinks Category: Innate, Brain Brew & Wignac! 


Innate is an organic certified infused water made from a subtle combination of pure Alpine water, the best superfruits and birch tree sap – famous for its detox properties.

Designed for a healthy lifestyle, our organic beverages are low in calorie, refreshing and come in an eco-friendly package. They naturally contain manganese and phenols, two sources of powerful antioxidants.


Welcome to UP, Innate!



Brain Brew

The first product of a revolution of thought – A symphony of quality and function – Brain Brew is a Colombian cold brew coffee with BCAA, ginseng root, and ginkgo biloba. Brain Brew uses no sugar or sweeteners.


We are excited for you to test this product at UP Drinks this June!



With their dandy hare and our gypsy fox, Wignac’s goal is to rejuvenate the image of cider and make Wignac an exceptional and enjoyable drink that will transport you into a unique world where tradition meets innovation. The cider is gluten-free and low in calories, which makes it a healthier, natural option from 100 % pure juice.



Meet the dandy hare and gypsy fox of Wignac at UP Drinks!