We are thrilled to announce that Cojean is attending our UP event this June! 🔥🙌


Cojean has been inaugurated on 15 November 2001, in Paris near Place de la Madeleine and has today 28 Cojean restaurants in franchise around Paris and 3 in London.

Apart from healthy, and chic food, Cojean got the unique idea of merging two kitchen types to have his own creation. Customers can self serve from the aligned fridge or sit and feast their hot cooked meal served by the expert team.

Cojean offers a wide choice of salads, soups, sandwiches, lasagna, risotto, vegetables, gluten free cakes and foods, desserts, yoghurt, fruit juice as well as vegetable juice, etc…

To find out more about Cojean and what they will be looking for at our disruptive UP Drinks event, download the company’s virtual store-check: