Veganism on the rise!

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The European Plan Protein Market encounters the fastest growth in the World 🚀 Soy Protein Recorded the Highest Market Share Soy protein is available in flour, concentrate, and isolate format. Soy protein is widely being incorporated as ingredients in processed food, as a protein supplement, and even available as protein drink. Other plant protein sources, […]

UP et la récompense Saveur de l’Année viennent de signer un bel accord de partenariat

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La plateforme de sourcing Wabel et la récompense Saveur de l’Année viennent de signer un bel accord de partenariat. C’est à l’occasion du lancement du salon UP par Wabel, le seul salon dédié aux start-up de l’alimentation, que ces deux entités bien ancrées dans le paysage de l’agro-alimentaire et de la distribution, ont décidé de […]

We are excited to host Feed at Up summit by Wabel 👉 June 27th-28th, 2019 – Carrousel du Louvre, Paris


French « smart food » start up Feed. wants to « simplify your life » A leader in the smart food industry, Feed. develops complete meals for active people. The brand’s range of bars, drinks and shakers are vegan, lactose-free, gluten-free, GMO-free, made in France, and offer a healthy, balanced alternative to the classic meal. The French startup’s goal […]

Part of the Transition: UP Food

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Every week we will present new brands taking part in the UP-transition and joining us at the Carrousel du Louvre this June. This week we are presenting three exciting brands in the Food category: Cicioni, Artisan Vegane & Gold & Green Foods! Cicioni – Mmmmm cheesy!  Cicioni is a blend of almonds and cashew nuts which undergo a […]

The Future of Food

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Some investors believe the food business is about to face disruption of the sort that technology has visited on hosts of other industries. Mr Tony Fadell, who worked on the first generation of the iPod before starting Nest, the smart thermostat business bought by Google in 2014, compares “big food”, including both the multinational food […]